“Am not getting the right leads and conversions
from my copy and content”

“I am overwhelmed with the tangled state of my site”

Does this sound familiar?

Care to know what’s holding you back?

Missing out on actionable copy and content solutions.

Copy solutions will sieve to get you the right audience and stop them in their tracks to take action

With copy solutions you will have control:

Control over attracting right leads

Control over conversions

And control over reputation and retention

get me the control!

“What will be the deliverable If I work with you, Ink Capital?”


Articles & Blogs

You get:

  • thought leadership in  your industry
  • Strengthened relationships  with your audience


You get:

  • a quality lead generator with actionable content
  • to inform your prospects

Sales Letters, Marketing Email, & Landing Pages

You get:

  • to reach out and ask for action
  • your prospects from leads  to actual buyers

Website Content & Copy

You get:

  • to lead your prospects
  • to have an online presence  with punchy, easy-to-ready copy


You get:

  • to persuade your partners  and customers to your view
  • to expound on a complex  issue to your prospects

Case Studies

You get:

  • to turn your customers` triumphs into selling stories
  • to give your leads a reason to trust you

Are you among 73% of companies with content marketing that  see 6X higher conversion rates?

To be among the 73% you need:

✔ a zealous salesperson working round the clock

✔ your prospects to stick around for more 

✔ prospects to move down your funnel

“If I do all these right and with you, what will I achieve?”

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