Without prioritizing business blogging you’re missing out on 13X of ROI growth.

This fascinates you because it confronts the possibilities of your business blogging strategy. Have you ever stopped to think about what business blogging has achieved for others?

B2B brands have seen a 67% in lead growth for using blogging in their marketing campaign.

Leads obtained from blogging have a conversion rate of 14.6% compared to 1.7% of mail and paid advertising.

Omnicore SEO or Business Blogging Stat
Omnicore Business Blogging Stat

“How Does Blogging Fit in my Marketing?”

If you have known blogging as a spare time activity, or if you have the fear of blogging then you are right.

Because spare time is when fun things happen. Things that you enjoy. If you make it fun to blog, your readers will find it fun to read from you. And if they find you fun, they will buy from you.

Also, fear brings out perfection in you. And also because there’s a lot of detail into planning blog content. Not forgetting wonders if you will sell, which content your prospects want, or if prospects will know you?

Now, answering the questions you’ll have gold in your offers. Besides, you’ll be sharing life experiences – actionable content –  to your prospects.

Even if it is a spare time activity, you can build your brand while providing useful information.

When you choose business blogging you will enjoy…

This year it should be a priority to look out if your business blogging brings out:

Boosted Search Engine Optimization

Over 70% of users ignore paid results. But focus on organic results. And websites with a blog have 434% more indexed pages.

This marketing statistic casts us into a spell. For users to find you, you need a blog. Then you will rank among search engine results and 70% of your target audience will get you.

Well, it’s not obvious and easy. But it is a step in the right direction.

Maintain a blogging culture. And give details because longer posts rank better and generate 9x more leads than short ones. Search engines are ‘tricked’ to know your coverage is in depth.

For instance, Wikipedia pages rank top because of the copious content.

Developed new audience members and strengthened relationships with existing customers


Right. The thing that leads your prospects to buy from you.

One element that fits right in it is the blog. Your blog attracts, informs, and educates strangers. They could have stumbled or sought you because they have a problem.

They are there not for fluff but they want you to solve their issues.

With irresistible call-to-actions, prospects become regular visitors. Result? More leads. And more customers.

Consistent content also keeps customers engaged – receiving new offers. And if your service is good, they become your promoters from their success stories.

Established Thought Leadership in your Industry

Testimonials, and pats from brands you’ve helped prove your expertise.

For example:

“Ink helped me achieve X% ROI on my marketing efforts”

These come in handy in your blog posts.

With reputable content showing solutions, and how-to guides, you will amass repeated readers. They will trumpet to have known you for resourceful content.

That’s the free resource you are ignoring, one that you will use to show industry knacks.

In no time the media will recognize you – adding to your credibility.

Established Inbound Links

From being a market leader, you will earn another star – inbound links.

Other credible sites will find your content resourceful too. And they will refer to your content. Thus backlinking.

And in so doing, you merit another star – search engine credibility. So, your site’s search engine result presence will rank even higher.

Opportunities for relaying Brand Offers and Benefits

Wonder where you will relay information without stress?

You need a press release blog post detailing what you offer.

Want to pass along benefits to your audience?

You need a benefits list blog post to show what features will help them.

45% of buyers view over the post before engaging a sales rep. So, why not reap even half of the buyers with your blog posts?

In-Depth Answers to FAQs

Before they become customers, your prospects have fears they want to be addressed first.

And blog posts offer you a chance to be succinct on pain points hindering the buyer process.

Your sales and customer service teams suffer repeated answer-cycle from everyone.  Instead of focusing on sales qualified leads they talk to hampered leads.

Waste no time in guiding prospects through their pain points.

Content Reusing, Recycling and for Social Media Initiatives & Presence

Your marketing efforts require other forms of content. From videos, tweets, infographics to ebooks.

Have you ever thought where others achieve the other forms with little effort?

You can easily repurpose a blog post series to an ebook or video series. And you can use the ebook as a lead magnet in your funnel.

So, there is nothing new under the sun. Reuse. Recycle. Reduce. And you can have any type of content from your blog content. Even more, you can create lead magnets from aggregating a blog series.

Your blog posts also fit social media. With variations in titles, blog posts give content to social media. Adding a call-to-action in the social media posts, you can acquire leads.

But Before you look for the benefits from business blogging have you matched…

Audience Personas:

You need to identify the characteristics of your prospects.

Then, you curate blog posts fitting the persona. But importantly addressing pain points.

Consistent and Accurate Content

Your blog needs to be reliable. Reliability comes from you posting regularly and with proven facts.

You don’t want to risk breaking your efforts with wrong information.

Customer Wins and Successes

Customer wins are inevitable – as they offer social proof to prospects.

So, in your blog posts include live benefits your current customers are experiencing. To show how your solutions work.


Besides offering solutions, your business is there to make moolah.

So, in your blogs find the peace of attaching irresistible offers.


If you had ignored it, go restart. If you fear it, start it. But if you have it, believe it and write more. See how John Espirian managed to grow his views with business blogging.