It`s about you making leads
and growing them to conversions


It SERIOUSLY is about you

And because it is about you…

Don’t Make Us Your Partners Unless…

🙂You desire to stand tall among your competitors

🙂You want copy and content coupled with user experience

🙂You need timely and reliable copy

🙂You fancy doing only what you do best

So at Ink Capital we believe stories are our nature and to make you stand tall we will:

Make you enjoy your time refining your product only getting you copy that works
Get you lead growing copy with user experience in timely fashion

Still It`s about You and Don’t Hire Us Unless…

you’re wishing for copy that moves strangers down your funnel


Pristine copy and user expereince enchants your prospects

Heads Up:

That is the almost last thing about you 

Now Meet Your All-Star Team

Alphaxard Ishmael

Alphaxard Ishmael


I`m a lover of new challenges and believer in continuous improvement.

In my free I find myself hanging out with friends and working out in soccer.

“Karibu!” Oh…that is welcome in Swahili. It’s a pleasure to have you with us.

If you have read this far, try what comes of a chat with us.

Bebeto Nyamwamu

Bebeto Nyamwamu

Creative Lead

“I’m a lover of tech & design.”

And whose name was gleaned from Brazil.

With free life if you don’t find me kicking a ball, find me swimming or watching.

“Let us make fun, make us money. In making the fun your audience will be happy to have known you, to solve their problems”

Job Mokaya

Job Mokaya


“I am an environmentalist who loves travelling – nature is only scenic unchanged”

I relieve by poetry and watching nature documentaries and soccer. With poetry I can get some lines.

You think there`s something you can get yourself? HIT US UP and let’s get talking”.

If you are here be ready to: 

🙂 get specialized treatment for copy
🙂 stop anxiety of an unknown funnel for your offerings
🙂 end distress with lateness in copy delivery
🙂 win with user experience


Knowing You

✔ Understand your project

✔ Scope, goals, timeline

✔ You to know if we are a match

✔ From Discovery brief to proposal

If you’re not sure what you need.
Even easier for you. We will get down to road-mapping.

Making the Magic

✔ Industry Research

✔ Competition Analysis

✔ Customer Mapping

✔ First draft

Your damages will be 50%
deposit of the project cost.

And Muchas Gracias

2 rounds of tweaks

Final Copy & Layout

Collaboration with your
designer & developer

Pat on my back with
remaining 50% of the cost

For the Magic Hit…

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