Are you a copywriter? If yes, this is for you.

Be proud of what you do. Here is why! According to hubspot, B2B companies that blog have 67% more leads than those that don’t.

In another statistic, it’s estimated that in the US alone, $400 billion are lost yearly. Thanks to bad copy.

What this means, as a professional copywriter you have a role to ensure companies gain money. Rather than losing money.

The role placed on our shoulders is big. However, there are some secrets that will ensure you never create a bad copy. With these secrets you are always sure your copy is great- Simply put.

The great copywriting secrets are delivered to you for FREE!


8. Know Your Prospects

The main aim of copy is; to convert leads into prospects.

Copy is a marketing tool. Marketing is an avenue between you and the customer. It leads to one of two options;

  1. Immediate purchases of service or product by the customer
  2. Create brand awareness for the customer for future purchases

That is a lot of weight placed on the shoulders of the copy. Hence, good copy has to know the prospects. These are leads that lead to actual purchases at some point of the product lifespan.

To achieve the intended copy purpose, the copywriter must know the prospects.

One word! Research. The more you research, the more you know. The research will translate to copy that your prospects relate to.

How does that happen?

You cannot have a D research game and an A copy game. Never!


7. Grammar, Grammar, Grammar!

You are a Copywriter. You earn money by writing copies. For this reason, you cannot be lazy with grammar.

Ever met a blacksmith? Well, here is a fact about blacksmiths. They are super particular with their tools. With the right tool and right strikes, they turn otherwise useless pieces of metal to wonderful and useful metals.

Words are to a copywriter what the otherwise useless pieces of metal are to a blacksmith. With the right grammar, a copywriter creates beautiful creations…. alluring copy!

Typos and grammatical errors are not acceptable! Well, unless with the break in grammar leads to better copy.

As is the case with Apple – Think Different – not entirely grammar error free but makes a pretty good copy.

Here are my two cents…  a long copy must have perfect grammar. Short copy, however, is negotiable.


6.  Punctuation

Consider these two Sentences;

  • I love cooking my wife and my cats.
  • I love cooking, my wife and my cats.

See how much of a difference that comma made? The first sentence sounds like one written by a mentally unstable husband. The second is written by a lovely, loving husband.

Punctuation, unlike grammar is not negotiable. You came here to write copies. Simple, check your punctuation. You do not want a comma costing you millions, do you?


5.  Seduce, Don’t sell.

Ever had someone significant in your life? A girlfriend, a boyfriend, a fiancée or a spouse?

Do you remember your first meet? I know you do. We rarely forget those magical moments.

Know what makes them magical?

They appeal to the heart. Touch the right places. And give time to anticipate for more.

Copy should also create magic in the reader’s heart. Not necessarily to sell. However, selling is the end game. With your copy, wow your lead. Give the reasons why they should consider you. Shine beyond your competition.

Directly sinking into selling is suicide. The risk of boring your lead is almost certain. However, if you seduce them and do it right, they will scramble for what you sell.


4. Provide Value

This is probably the worst hidden secret.

The day you stop being valuable you are disposable.

Copy as we said above is a marketing tool. Eventually, it requires that the copy you write converts. Copy must have a ROI.

Anything besides this only means you are trash. Easily disposable, no second thought.

Wondering how you can provide value?

Here are a few tips how:

  1. Speak the Language of the brand you are creating copy for.
  2. Treat your audience as Kings and Queens. They are in the front and central to the copy.
  3. Point out the benefits to your kings and queens with right tone at all time.

Well, the list is endless but this list provides the three cardinal tips of value productions.


3.Call to Action

Copy is as good as the number of prospects it creates. The more the prospects, the better the copy.

The process of turning leads to prospects is conversion.

Conversion occurs through a call-to-action. Therefore, copy without a call-to-action is useless. As a copywriter, ensure you include a call-to-action.

Only one.

With more than one, the reader is more likely to get confused on which CTA to act on. You don’t want that. Do you?

And the CTA you give, needs a corresponding compulsive offer. An offer that incites the fear-of-missing-out.


2. Be Simple, Not clever

No matter how clever you are, you will have failed as a copywriter if the copy is unclear. For that reason, never use a jargon where a simple term can be used.

By replacing all the jargon and unnecessary tough words, you make the copy clear. Clarity is a basic need you cannot afford to play with.

So, when you sit to write, remember you are a copywriter for simple and clear copy. Not clever copy.



The appeal to emotion secret is perhaps the most vital secret. At least in my opinion it is.

I have never bought anything unless I feel the connection. Emotions are all about connections. It is emotion that will help you connect.

Connect features of the products to the benefits for the customer. Connect desire to get the product to the product.

Do you know these emotions you must appeal to?

Let’s engage in that in the comment section.

Well, each business needs a copywriter. A copywriter needs secrets to set them apart from common. The secrets above will change your writing. It will make you valuable to your clients.